IT Talent at the Speed of Change!

At ContingentCrew, we bring decades of experience and core values of trust, collaboration, accountability, and transparency while fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture.
While total talent management has evolved over the last few decades, this pandemic is bringing unexpected clarity to what it means for today’s companies.
Our talent solutions are more flexible, more nimble, more agile and consequently able to adapt to our clients’ challenges… especially around speed of change and cost.
As your IT staffing partner, our promise is to deliver the right candidates to you with speed, accuracy, and transactional simplicity.
 We recognize that today’s IT job seekers are looking for relationships with companies that offer projects that provide flexibility, competitive pay & benefits, and often, they prefer a variety of company and industry experiences.  We help talented professionals find those rewarding positions inside top organizations, regionally and nationally.  

Fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity


Our business, our team members, and our customers are committed to a work-world that looks very much like the world around us. 

We have built a community where all genders are comfortable and respectful for each other.  We seek to build a diverse population because we recognize value in diverse perspectives.

We don’t just say it, we live it.  All are welcome and encouraged to thrive.


We also encourage inclusion.  Having a diverse community is not able to derive benefit if the community is not also inclusive.

Our team has a combined 100+ years of recruiting, hiring, deploying, and building relationship with people from every walk of life.

We realized a long time ago in our lives that we are not better off excluding, but made richer by including.  Inclusion is our culture.


Equity is about being just, impartial, and fair.  Our culture of inclusion and diversity is also about  providing equity. 

We are a woman-owned business, we understand the consequences of being pushed aside for a gender bias.  Our diverse population knows what it’s like to be subjected to an unjust, a partial or unfair circumstance…  We want to lead in this arena. 

Everyone should be treated justly, impartially, and fairly…  and that’s who we are as people.