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Tech-Driven Financial Talent Sourcing

Why ContingentCrew for Sales Support?

A tech-centric approach to recruiting for Sales Support enhances efficiency and accuracy. Using advanced AI algorithms and digital tools, companies can swiftly pinpoint candidates with the right blend of sales knowledge and administrative acumen, ensuring a seamless fit that boosts sales operations.

AI-Enhanced Candidate Selection

Optimizing Sales Support Recruitment

Employing AI algorithms and curation in recruiting for sales support personnel streamlines the identification of top-tier candidates tailored to specific roles. By swiftly analyzing vast candidate pools, this tech-centric method highlights individuals suited for specialized positions such as Merchandisers, Sales Coordinators, Account Managers, or Merchandising Analysts. Curation further refines this process, ensuring candidates not only have the requisite skills but also align with a company’s culture and sales philosophy, optimizing the hiring process for these critical support roles.

How do our Clients respond ?

Midsized Manufacturing company

VP of I/T

With the way these guys perform to our needs, our internal teams have gained back significant man-hours to focus on the company needs.

Fortune 100 company

SVP of Procurement

We no longer have to deal with dozens of suppliers. We use ContingentCrew along with a few highly specialized providers to fill all our staffing needs.

Large Distributing Company

Warehouse Shift Manager

Crew is more than a staffing company. They have proprietary tools to track and report time, that have simplified the entire process.

Large Grocery Company

Sr. Manager of Accounting

We get communications from them at all hours of the day, night, weekday or weekend about filling our needs. It’s like they don’t sleep.

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